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7 ways to make travel better for your cat

  1. Leave the carrier out in the family room area.  If your cat sees the carrier all the time then it is not a big surprise when it is time to hit the road.
  2. Plant some yummy food such as tuna, or baked chicken (about a tablespoon) as a treat in the carrier.  Now they can investigate and get a big reward.
  3. Put a nice towel, blanket or other a favorite family member's sweat shirt in the carrier to carry the scents from home.  A depends pad can help those who just can't hold it all the way.
  4. Use Feliway spray to help your cat feel like the carrier is a part of their territory.  Feliway helps the cat to feel like the area is already marked with their scent.
  5. Decrease all that noise and whizzing traffic by covering the carrier with a blanket or towel.
  6. Stay calm yourself.  Talk in low soothing tones to your cat to calm the yowls and hissing.
  7. Help them forget by sleeping through it.  If your cat is really over the top, a bit of a kitty cocktail from your veterinarian is for the best.   Anti anxiety medications decrease the fear  associated with travel and over time they can travel without the tablet courage.           

Here's to happy travel! 

Sally J Foote, DVM  CFBC-IAABC
Okaw Veterinary Clinic Tuscola IL

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