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Lunch and Learn

You provide the lunch, Dr. Foote provides the learning.

Dr. Foote will review the top veterinarian behavioral complaints and how to begin helping your clients without going crazy.

Learn how to meet your client's needs and what your client will experience in a behavioral consult with Dr. Foote. Learn the importance of collaboration between the behaviorist and you, the primary care veterinarian.

The seminar is about an hour, depending on questions and what your staff needs.

Now he tells me Bella is door dashing and over barking!
How can we fit this in with an annual exam?!!!
Someone give me some help before I lose my mind!

The Lunch and Learn series is offered within 50 miles of Okaw Veterinary Clinic (Tuscola, IL). Contact Dr. Foote at (217) 253-3221 or e-mail to schedule your Lunch and Learn session.



On-Site Staff Training

No need to scruff, no need to fight for this kitty!
He's happy laying on his owner's coat.

  • Does your staff want a way to easily address problem behaviors during limited wellness exams?
  • Want to use low stress handling but don't know where to begin?
  • Looking for one-on-one training with the Bella Behavior Label System?
  • Want to use your staff more effectively for behavioral services?

Veterinary behavioral medicine is time consuming

Learn how to address problems efficiently in your office and set up for referral. As a dog and cat behaviorist and veterinarian, I have seen benefit for the staff, pets, and clinics as a whole. On-site training is an excellent way to develop a behavioral service center for your own clinic.

One-on-one training for less stressful handling is a great way to start using these techniques now. Contact us now at (217) 253-3221 or e-mail to schedule training.