Vet Professional - Dr. Sally J. Foote
Vet Professional – Dr. Sally J. Foote

9HR RACE Hybrid – Aggressive Canine and Feline Live Stream workshop April 18 2021 8:30 – 4:30 central time


7 hour live online workshop for Advanced Aggressive dog and cat care.  Interactive sessions in Essential handling skills, Advanced skills, Telemedicine/Telehealth consults for low-stress care and behavior euthanasia led by Dr. Sally J Foote DVM

Handouts and recording of all sessions included.     8:30 am – 4:30 pm central time

Discount for Fear Free and Low-Stress Handling Certified – email your certificate to Dr. Foote for code.




This interactive live streaming event will feature Dr. Sally J Foote, and other Low-Stress Handling Certified professionals demonstrating advanced handling techniques for canine and feline care.   The live lecture presentation will be mixed with live demonstrations.  Live Q and A during all demonstrations, and recap where you can unmute yourself, share your webcam, and chat with fellow attendees.

Topics include Essential Low-Stress care techniques for dogs and cats; Aggressive/ Anxious  Canine exam, treatment, diagnostic and in house care; Aggressive/Anxious  Feline exam, treatment, diagnostic, and in house care;   Behavior euthanasia and Telemedicine for anxious and aggressive patient care.

7 hours RACE  CE,  IAABC and CCPDT approved.  8:30 am - 4:30 pm central time for live stream - live attendance

2 HRs on demand k9 cocktails with drive by injection course - over 10 case demonstration videos to teach you the 5 parts to safe, aggressive dog handling - area prep, medication cocktails, muzzle and holding training, client and staff communication and compliance.   1 year support included

Bella Behavior Handling plan system included post attendance

Recording of all sessions, power point notes, handouts and 1 year of aggressive patient handling support to all attendees.

Discounts for Fear Free and Low Stress Certified - email me a photo of your certificate to get your code.

Past workshop attendee comments:

"I attended the live stream version of this course and found it hugely helpful. Your tech setup was very effective and I learned a lot. I am a relief vet and sometimes find it challenging to be as effective as I'd like in the low-stress department, but many techs I've worked with enjoy learning a happier way of doing things. Thank you for being such a great teacher and so generous with your knowledge!  "    C.Barry DVM

"I enjoyed the conference! Thanks for the great info."  L. Sullivan DVM 

"Thank you for the webinar. It has given me some great tools."  G. Warner





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