2 HR Race CE – Understanding Puppy Behavior for the veterinary staff


3 webinars  created by Dr Foote  through CEVAconnect  worth 2 HR RACE CE for the veterinary professional.  Learn how to address puppy problems quickly during exams, and how to deliver the low stress care experience all puppies need.  Handouts and video links to use as resources at your office.   This course is a great foundation for  the Puppy  Behavior Consultant Certification course.

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3 webinars  Dr Foote created for  CEVAconnecct.com  -  what every veterinary professional needs to know about puppies.  This course will help you create a low stress experience on the anxious, or agitated pupppy.    Specific examples of how to perform a low stress veterinary exam on a nippy puppy,  how to easily provide solutions for common housetraining, socialization or nippy behavior problems.   48% of dogs in shelters are 6mo to 3 years old due to behavior problems.

Prevent surrender and protect the bond.   This course is great for all assistants, veterinarians, technicians, caretakers and shelter care staff.

bonus handouts for you from Dr Foote  included with your registration at this site.

Free Ce  sponsored by CEVA

This course gives you a foundation for the Puppy Behavior Consultant Certification course by Sally J Foote DVM


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