Ann Schneider, DVM

I sought Dr. Foote's help with my very complicated and problematic collection of cats.  Before the consult, she requested a huge amount of information on the cats so that no relevant information would be missed.  During our video consult, I was absolutely amazed by the wealth of information she provided to help me sort through the situation!  She made many, many suggestions to handle the situation from a multi-pronged behavioral approach, a nutritional approach, pharmaceuticals, and hormones.  She didn't slow down for a moment and the suggestions kept coming!  I felt like I had, in one person, the world's  collective experience in handling feline behavioral issues.

Before consulting Dr. Foote, I had already been dealing with my cats' behavioral issues for over a year.   I had contacted a local behaviorist, done a fair amount of research, and tried to handle it on my own using behavioral and pharmaceutical remedies to no avail.   I was worried I was at the end of the line.  Now, however, I realize there are so many possible solutions and I'm excited to try every single approach; I am optimistic that sooner or later, we will have resolution.