Dr. Sally J. Foote - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find all the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Veterinary Staff:

Q: Do you still take behavior consults?

A: Dr Foote takes behavior consults using video chat services on a limited basis.  A referral report from your DVM will start the process.    Download the veterinary referral form here, and other forms to start the process.

Q: What is the best way for me to start to learn about pet animal behavior and incorporate that knowledge into day to day practice?


  • Learn about puppy behavior and how to offer preventative advice combined with low stress handling by taking the certified Puppy behavior counselor course worth RACE CE  link here.    The dog behavior and health at all ages webinar will also give you a good foundation to start from.
  • Learn about litter box happiness to address cat behavior by taking these cat behavior courses – the 5 simple rules for keeping your cat in the box,  cat behavior and health at all ages.
  • Join the AVSAB.org association for veterinarians ( link) and SVBT.org association for veterinary technicians and assistants.  These associations have forums, white papers and annual meetings to keep you informed with science based veterinary behavior knowledge.

Q: Can Dr Foote speak at our association/ practice/ community?

A: Yes – please contact her at dr.sally@mchsi.com and include the date of your event, the amount of speaking you wish and location.

Non DVM Animal Care Professionals:

Q: Do your webinars provide CE for non veterinary staff?

A: Yes, CE is approved by IAABC, and many of the other associations.

Q: What education would help me most when working in shelter care / rescue?

A: The top 5 low stress handling techniques of cats and dogs webinar.  These 5 techniques are essential for anyone working with animals.

Q: Can I use your youtube videos, handouts and other resources in my publications?

A: Yes after you send me a permission to use request.  Please email me at dr.sally@mchsi.com with where and how you are going to use the videos.   If you would like to have a link to my channel or website that is fine – be sure to credit it as my channel and site.

Pet Owners:

Q: Are you available for consults?

A: Yes on a limited basis. Please have your DVM fill out the referral form, and download the intake form for info.

Q: How can be sure to get information about upcoming webinars and your speaking events?

A: Please sign up for my newsletter.

Q: How can I find a veterinarian who is low stress?

A: Please see the directories at www.lowstresshandling.com.

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