Publications & Free Resources

Publications & Free Resources

Journal articles, handouts and posters to help you and your clients provide less stressful care.  You may share these in your posts and publications with credit to Dr.Foote 

Vet Professional Handouts

Low-stress veterinary patient care plan

a template form to share with owners.  Space for meds, handling and exam space preparation. 



Butterscotch’s Storm and Firework Playlist

Dogs seek a regular pattern of noise to feel calm. Play dance type music that has a strong bass beat. (Not Classical music). The following songs that worked for my clients dogs to calm them during storms and noise. This music can also help dogs who are anxious about separation.

Storm/ Noise Phobia Report Score Card 

This short screening question form will immediately rank the level of panic in dogs and cats to determine the medication/supplement/diet cocktail to use with the safety plan to reduce noise fears.  

Storm Sangria Plan Check List

This  is a check list of  medication, safe room training and other ingredients to create a calming the Storm Sangria for noise fearful pets.

Make the Best Litter Box Ever

We need a short description for this document, outlining what it is.

Muzzle for Rewards Immediate Care

It is normal for a dog to attempt to bite when they are in pain, or scared. Ear infections, eye problems, or in trauma dogs often attempt to bite when the receive care. Making a muzzle fun, reduces the stress of this safety tool.

Top 10 Ways to Keep Children and Pets Safe Together

If a dog or cat is not accustomed to the noise and activity of children, or new people this guide will keep help your pet be calm, and prevent bites or anxiety.

Feline Ladder of Aggression Chart 

This info graphic shows how a cat escalates from anxious body language up to aggression.

Canine Ladder of Aggression  

This is the ladder of aggression with text from Kendal Shepherd DVM

This info graphic shows how a dog escalates from anxiety to aggression. 

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