Puppy Behavior Consultant Certification Course

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by Dr. Sally J. Foote DVM, CABC-IAABC

Protect that precious bond through puppy behavior knowledge

Did you know...

48% of dogs surrendered to shelters are 6 months to 3 years of age
Why? Overactive, excessive barking, early aggression, or chronic anxiety behaviors Prevent these problems & create an income source for your pet care business

Course Content:

Four 1-hour RACE approved webinars

  • 35-page instructor guide including step by step young puppy and older puppy rotating 4-week class curriculum.
  • 10 client handouts including 5 steps to potty training, body language, socialization checklist, and more for class resources.
  • 1-year email support to certified instructor and veterinarian by Sally J. Foote DVM, IAABC
  • Instructor copy of Perfect Puppy in 7 Days, by Sophia Yin DVM

Total Package Cost - $179.95/student

Discounts Available for Students and Groups

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