Behavior Consults

Behavior Consults

Pet behavior problems can be serious.  They are not simple fixes, nor training problems.  Veterinary staff have limited time to help you with these problems.  Dr. Foote can provide help to you and work with your veterinarian as a team.  

Listen to the video to experience the positive impact of video behavior consults. 

Dr. Foote offers two options: 


Standard consults – 2 hours    $300.00 .  This gets to the root of the problem, with a plan and 8 weeks email support. 

Limited Consult  – 40 min   $90.00. This focuses on the biggest problem, to create a starting plan for safety, working with your veterinarian for medications or supplements. 

4 weeks email support. 

start by filling out the intake form, and Dr Foote will contact you.

Online Behavior Consultation Forms
or print and email to

Step 1

Intake Form - Fees & Info

Step 2

Referral Form for Vet

Step 3

Behavior History Form

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