Behavior Consults

Behavior Consults

Pet behavior problems can be serious and frustrating,  breaking the human-animal bond.  Dr. Foote provides personalized behavior consultation, in  collaboration with your veterinarian, trainer, or shelter. 

Using a  telehealth approach, Dr. Foote can accurately assess the home, behavior, and create a plan immediately for you.  The stress of an in-office or home consult is eliminated. This virtual house call allows the brewing problems to show increasing the accuracy of the assessment. 

All consultations include a report, video recording of the consultation, and discussion with your primary care veterinarian for medication, supplement and any medical care needed.  Your primary care veterinarian will direct the medical plan.  Any other trainer or behaviorist can be included in the consultation appointment. 


All Consults are charged on an hourly basis with a minimum $390.00 charge.  Additional consultation appointment time is charged at $195.00/hour. 


Dr. Foote offers two options: 

Standard consults – 2 hours    $390.00.  This gets to the root of the problem, with a full plan to change behavior,  3 months’ support,  and consult with your veterinarian.    Recheck consults are billed on an hourly basis.   Many cases are resolved with 1-3 consults. 

Limited Consult 40 min $145.00. This consult will evaluate the worst behavior, on video chat with a report to your veterinarian. 6 weeks


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