Behavior Consults

Behavior Consults

Pet behavior problems can be serious and frustrating,  breaking the bond between pet and owner.  Dr. Foote provides a complete assessment of your pet’s behavior, in your home creating a  comprehensive treatment plan. 

Like a virtual housecall, the video chat allows  Dr. Foote to see the troubles and walk you through the steps of the plan providing immediate improvement. 

A report and consult from Dr. Foote to your veterinarian, who will prescribe any diet, supplement, or medication needed is included in all consult options. 

Dr. Foote offers two options: 

Standard consults – 2 hours    $360.00.  This gets to the root of the problem, with a full plan to change behavior,  3 months’ support,  and consult with your veterinarian.    Recheck consults are billed on an hourly basis.   Many cases are resolved with 1-3 consults. 

Limited Consult 40 min $125.00. This consult will evaluate the worst behavior, on video chat with a report to your veterinarian. 

6  weeks of support included 

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