Low Stress Veterinary Care staff training - on site, at learning center, or virtual

Are you tired of bites, patient aggression, and inconsistent staff training?  

Near bite, injury is a leading cause of staff burnout and turnover.  Get everyone on the same page for Low-Stress Veterinary care through immersive hands-on learning.  Your staff will be confident using these skills and working together for Low-Stress care.

3 ways to learn: 

At the Bella Behavior Learning Center in Tuscola Il – see event page for dates 

On-Site at your clinic – Hands on immersive learning in your  clinic coached by Dr. Foote and space Low- Stress Handling certified staff. All content, protocols and   1 year support  

On demand/ live remote training – customized blend of recorded and live presentations, with demonstrations, and virtual coaching for staff. This approach can provide flexibilty for your staff with live sessions for adaptations for your facility and staff needs.  All presentations, protocols and 1 year support.   


Seminar – Workshop days 

  Bella Behavior Learning Center 

          704 N Main Street Tuscola Il 61953 

Seminar days and immersive workshops for individual or teams. Descriptions below.  Check the event page for dates. 

Interested?  Call 217-722-4484 or email dr.sally@mchsi.com for a quote. 

 Various plans are available  to accommodate budgets and staff size. 

Bella Behavior Learning center - live demo area
lecture and hands on practice in small groups
ral size exam rooms for one on one learning
Marked off exam room size - observers can learn during one on one sessions
waiting room area with tight seating and reception desk
Real life radiology and ultrasound area to practice positioning
scales close to the wall, near cabinets to learn how to adjust the space to keep it low stress
Practice positinging wearing lead aprons and gloves - just like your office!