Reformed Aggressor

Reformed Aggressor – CJ

Reformed Aggressor – CJ

CJ is an elderly cat who had been tense, hissing, swatting and attempting to bite during the majority of her middle age life during veterinary exams.  Before we began to use the Bella Behavior System , care was challenging for CJ.   Description: 100_8414.JPGCj has chronic constipation/megacolon so veterinary care was often associated with being in pain which did not help either.

After finding the best management plan for CJ’s constipation and pain, it was easier to handle her in the office. We noted what her exam preferences were using the Bella Behavior System.Description: 100_8412.JPG

At this point,  she was tense but not growling or attempting to bite.  When we began to use the Bella Behavior System, my techs offered CJ a couple of super yummy cat treats and found she went right after the lean treats by Butler Company.   She was actually diving her head into the bag wanting the treats as I examined her.  This was a total surprise to myself and her owner.  So now every time CJ comes for an exam we have the lean treats  ready for her.

You can see how she enjoys them in her video below.  She still hisses but is not combative or tense.  Exams and follow up  for her intestinal problems are  easier for her and her family.

Keeping all of the staff informed by way of the Bella Behavior System is essential to a more safe and complete care for CJ.   After seeing how rewarding worked for CJ in the office , the client was able to use the treats to redirect CJ away from things that stressed her at home.

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