Back to School Blues - Dr Sally J Foote
Back to School Blues – Dr Sally J Foote

Big Bad Boom – how to reduce your pet’s fears during fireworks, storms,and other loud noises


on demand presentation to learn how to calm your dog during storms,fireworks or other loud noises.  3 handouts including a calming music playlist, score card to rate the degree of fear and share with your veterinarian for needed supplement or medication, and body language chart to know when fear is brewing to help your dog get to the safe room you have created.

This program is to help your pet cope by creating a happy haven to escape the noise, and be calm.

IAABC CEU – email for code


This 45 minute presentation will help you understand how the fear of loud noises builds, and how to create a safe room for calming for your pet during fireworks, storms, hunting season or construction.

Handouts with the calming music play list, a score card to share with your veterinarian to determine the supplement/ medication plan to prevent panic and video demonstration of creating that windowless, noiseless calming room that your pet will happily go to as a way to prevent fear and be safe.  This program will also help reduce the added problems of separation anxiety during noise events.

on demand - you can review as often as you like

IAABC CEU - email me for code


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