2 Hr RACE K9 Cocktail with Drive by Injection


The oral and injectable medication cocktails with full handling plan for needed veterinary care.  Real in clinic videos of drive by injections , 5 handouts and case scenarios for 2 HR RACE CE.

1 year support for any aggressive dog handling plan included in fee.

This 2 hour  on demand course  is the first course in the Advanced Low Stress Veterinary Care – Canine program.  You will learn how to create the medication cocktail and handling plan to provide safe needed veterinary care to a highly aggressive dog.   Oral and injectable medication cocktails, positive muzzling, hooding, client communication tools and a guide for drive by area set up.

Case scenario submission required for RACE CE – Quiz 100% passing rate required.

5 handouts – 1 year email support for aggressive dog handling.

Low Stress Handling and Fear Free Certified discount code available.

2 hr RACE CE DVM, Technician

Highly recommend – Top 5 Low Stress Handling techniques of dogs webinar to prepare for course




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