Housebound puppy socialization – DIY puppy training


2-hour on-demand course following Reggie, the 13-week old puppy learning to socialize to life during the COVID 19 stay at home orders. Over 40 videos demonstrating how Reggie can meet people and other dogs, receiving rewards without contagion risk, meeting other dogs, and happy veterinary visits.  Watch the creative ways his owner Jamie Oaks mocks up veterinary visits, dog meetings, and other essential socialization steps following the Learn to Earn program adapted by Sophia YIn, DVM.

Two months of puppy behavior support and handouts included with purchase.


Meet Reggie Oaks, a 13-week old puppy learning about life.  This two-part course will show you how to train your puppy or new rescue dog yourself,  to be well behaved around people, other dogs, the veterinary clinic and more.

Part one  – 1 hour over 20 videos of Reggie and his owner safely meeting people, walking through parking lots, around children, and more using the meal to reduce fear, rowdy and nippy behavior.

Part 2 – 1 hour over 20 videos 0f Reggie and his owner practicing paw handling, ear, and mouth exams,  and more to prepare for veterinary visits, grooming, and home care.

Bonus Video – calm leash walking.  Dr. Foote demonstrates how to use Reggie’s meal to reward for walking, not pulling, nipping, or jumping on the leash.

Handouts included:  Body language, the ladder of aggression, and 5 simple steps to potty training

2 months of puppy behavior support from Dr. Foote with every purchase!



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