Back to School Blues - Foote and Friends
Back to School Blues – Foote and Friends

Don’t let Junior be Fido or Mittens Lunch! – pet child safety for the new parent and caregiver


Learn how to set your home up for safe dog and cat interactions around infants to school age children.  The Cardinal Rules of safety for all dogs and cats is included.  Specific instruction on how to introduce newborns to dogs and cats, and prevent pet – child problems.

complimentary custom pet child safety plan available to attendees – email for info

5 handouts included

1.5 hours content  on demand


This presentation covers the normal dog and cat behaviors that can put our children at risk for bites.  You will learn how to read the body language of fear in dogs and cats to recognize brewing problems before a bite happens.  Clear instructions on how to introduce a dog or cat and newborn, set up the home for safe pet - child interactions and my Cardinal Rules of pet child safety are included.

Handouts - body language of dogs, cats, and Cardinal Rules of safety

a complimentary custom pet child safety plan for you - email for details

On demand viewing     1.5 hours content


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