Nancy Snook

I have been bringing my Beagle/Hound mix to Dr. Sally Foote ever since she adopted me. Her first experiences at the office were not traumatic, but she didn’t seem to be happy either. Sashya would cower and get so nervous her hair would literally “rain” off her. Sashya had to be muzzled a couple of times for the safety of all.

Since Dr. Foote has started her “Bella Behavior” program at the clinic, Sashya is an entirely different dog. Sashya is so excited to come see Doc and all the techs, that as soon as we turn the corner that leads to the clinic, she gets “antsy” in the car. When I park the car and go to put the leash on her, she drags me over to the grass area to “see” who has been there and then after leaving her calling card, she drags me inside and can’t wait until Rachael, Debbie or Lisa greet her. She is rewarded with “cookies” at every step of the exam, whether it is for ear infections, allergy outbreaks or shots…..she doesn’t care. Sashya has even jumped up on the exam table on her own and then goes into a “lay and look at my belly” position without being asked.

The really good thing about bringing Sashya to Dr. Foote is, even though she is on a restricted diet because of her allergies, she still gets yummy treats from everyone there. I also have peace of mind when I leave her at the clinic to board, that she is getting consistent treatment because they all know her so well that they can pick up on any health problems and nip it in the bud before she can get too ill.

Taking Sashya to Dr. Foote’s clinic and having a good time has also helped her to socialize with other dogs that are there for treatment. Sashya will even let Ranger walk around the exam room or jump up on the table with her without trying to chase or growl at him. She seems to enjoy interacting with Ranger and any other “client” at the clinic.

Nancy Snook