curbside care

Low Stress Curbside Care – for GP, EC and specialty


learn the essential skills for safe, low stress handling from the moment of taking the pet away to return when curbside care is required.  Clear photo instruction, information for curbside euthanasia, and telemed consults included.  Q and A session also recorded.

1hr 20 min

body language and ladder of aggression handouts.



This recording of Dr Foote's March 25 webinar demonstrates safe low stress techniques for taking pets away from clients when providing curbside care during the pandemic.  the 6 essential Low Stress Handling Techniques all general, emergency and specialty practices must know to reduce patient stress, and keep staff safe from injury are provided.   Additional information on euthanasia, and telemed consults is included.

body language and ladder of aggression handouts included

1hr 20 min long


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