Tele-medicine made easy


1 hour webinar recording of  easy to use apps for veterinary  tele -med consults.  How to use apps that are easily available and free for video chat, payment and documentation  are presented including a live client video chat demonstration.   This is a guide based on the current AVMA standards and my experience with using tele health/tele med consults.

client agreement handoout included

Attendees may set up a video chat with Dr Foote to practice after taking the webinar – link in the reciept


This  recording from the March 18, 2020 webinar demonstrates  easy to use video chat platforms, online payment apps, and documentation for the medical record.  The presentation is based on my personal experience using video chat for behavior consults and follows the  current AVMA guidelines.  A demonstration of a client video chat using Facetime is included in the presentation  with Q and A session.

Handouts for wording to use in your client communication and resources are included.

This advice is from Dr Foote’s experience and does not substitute for expert or legal advice.

Refer to your state veterinary medicine practice act and follow the definitions of medicine, veterinary patient client relationship, and telecommunication.

1 hour  on demand


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