Michaela Hall CVT, Ottowa IL

Hello! I attended your ce on Thursday in Peoria and really enjoyed it! I just had to share this picture with you. I groom on days that I don’t tech and this was my latest client! He is always a good kitty but wiggly. I had weighed him and he laid down on the scale. I thought back to class and said to myself I think I’ll let him stay there. He literally almost fell asleep while I combed him out! Apparently he thought the scale was similar to a crate and was quite happy!!

I also used the Adaptil for the first time today. It was a German Shepherd that is your typical Whitney, talking, wiggling one. I walked in the room and in less than 10 seconds and she calmed down! The owner said, “what kind of spell did you cast on her!?”  She whined once during her nail clipping which was unheard of!

I also carried a kitty in his litter box to weigh him and get a Convenia injection today. He stayed calm as could be! I’ve truly never learned so much in a single CE day

Michaela Hall, Novak Rinker Veterinary Clinic, Ottowa Il

Michaela Hall CVT